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Crow Medicine Media Is….

The home of multi-media creations by me, Katie IndiCrow! This is the place where you are able to dive in to all of my digital productions. *This is a new website and creative direction for your girl. The content is ever evolving.*

So far, what you will find is:

Crow Medicine podcast: Personal transformation experiences. These are like meditation journeys that explore key self-discovery practices along with some really great music.

Soul Care Materials and Energy Information: Unique, energy oriented podcasts that are ‘voice’ only. Tune in to get your mind, body, and soul stimulated with thought provoking concepts like how our souls communicate to us through food, why we feel what goes on in space, and how our bodies connect to that. Stay for the practical knowledge that earnestly aids you in finding meaning and growth on your path.

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Seeking more in-depth, spiritually oriented information? Head to my blog where I go in depth with that.

I am fortunate to have a wide audience with diverse interests. Between these two platforms you will find a huge range of topics. Choose the materials that appeal to you the most!

Latest from the Podcast

Endings and Preparing to Begin (Again)

Life brings with it new opportunities. So too, come the endings. If you sit back in observer mode, we see that it is often if not always a mix of both. The span from June Solstice to September Equinox has been particularly salient as a ‘review’ phase, where everything we are doing (or have done) came up for evaluation. We asked ourselves: Is this working? Is this what I really want? Old ideas got new power and things we always dreamed of happened. There was also a lot of clearing out of very old patterns. While it was (is) all going on, I know it has felt heavy. Through it all, the choice to choose joy and peace has always been there. So too have those new opportunities.

As we wind our way into Equinox, we begin in earnest to call in our ‘what is next’.

Trusting Your Gut: Intuitive Food Selection and Healing Your Soul/Body Connection with Food

Joined by special guest Lauren Philips, this special Crow Medicine is all about THE GUT.


The gut is one of the main parts of our body that our soul is able to communicate to us through. Themes discussed include: Spiritual and nutritional perspectives on food including a conversation of micro and macro nutrients; Eating for the soul, eating for the body, and how they relate; Food cravings and what they tell us about our nutritional and soul needs; and INTUITIVE FOOD SELECTION!

What the CME?: The Link Between Solar Flares and Spirituality

On July 3, 2021, we had our first x-flare solar flare activity since 2017. This has been followed by halo cmes, sideways moving cmes, and a ‘global shockwave’ that has affected the geomagnetics of the earth (as of July 15). This is significant.


This new series of flares and activity represent another main signpost in our planetary awakening journey.

This is a podcast all about Solar Cycle 25, solar flare and CME activity, and the great spiritual awakening journey our planet is on.

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