Crow Medicine ep 2: Calling in the Come Up

Welcome back to another musical adventure through soul and planet. In this installment, we focus on an important part of the spiritual journey:


Produced and created in the energy window of March Equinox, 2021, the planet is preparing for a rising moment.


The year 2020-2021 represented a moment where our planet and so many of the people on it went inward. We went deep. We went down. (We speak more about this in ep 4!) Now, as we move toward Equinox we prepare to rise (again). Not coming to this podcast during Equinox? No problem. What we speak about in here is a part of the ebb and flow process of cycles of spiritual development on the planet. What we experience now teaches us for next time. Sometimes, Crow Medicine is told as a story of the planet. Though you may come to each episode on its own, listened in sequence they also tell the trajectory of our great shift.

I am specifically re-sharing this as we prepare for January 16-18, a major come up potential moment. What we talk about here works then. I am deep in ceremony and so am not making a new one. I invite you to join me here. Doing a practice more than once is like watering flowers. It helps the garden grow.


This installment features music from: McFaddin and Whithead, The Trammps, Dam Swindle, Francesca Lombardo, Orbital, and Kook & the Gang.

Together, we join in on focused intent to: Release outdated thoughtpatterns/beliefs, to get our vibration high and our vibe fly, calling in our cosmic connections, and celebrating ourselves for the strength and tenacity we have shown. Even if we feel weak, we have the last year to show us….na. We are STRONG.

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