Crow Medicine Inaugural Podcast: Songs to Celebrate the Planet

The inaugural episode of Crow Medicine, the podcast all about energy, our soul, and the planet!

The theme?

Celebrating the planet with our sacred steps.


Beginning off with LOVE TRAIN, I speak about how much the planet has missed our footsteps. We then move into selections from: Four Tet, Nightmares on Wax, Hunnee, Sly & the Family Stone.

Through the course of the program, we honour the medicine dancers of the planet. We offer our footsteps and deep love of the planet in celebration of it: Together we honour the waterways with a special focus on waterfalls. We also honour the sacred creation of music that serves as the grounding point of bringing so many of us together.

To Access

Crow Medicine: Songs to Celebrate the Planet on Spotify Premium

Like a link as opposed to a player? Here!

Not a spotify premium member? No problem! Create a no-fee account to tune in and listen. You will be able to ‘pause’ the program when it comes to the songs, type the name in to your preferred music player to enjoy that part of the activity, then return to the audio.

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