Crow Medicine ep.3: Dancing for the Planet (Equinox Special)

Equinox is a long celebrated power point that is one of four main harmonic adjustment periods of the year. Noticing things shifting rapidly around you? Feeling the big buzzing in your body? Seeing all kinds of emotions coming up for dealing? This is all part of our planetary growth process and regular to experience around our four yearly graduation moments: Solstice (summer and winter) and Equinox (spring and gall).

A note on form: I like the phrase ‘dance party’. Not one to move around the room? All forms, bodies, and modes of connection are welcomed. Some of the most powerful experiences I have ever had in energy have happened laying on a yoga mat on my bedroom floor or sitting next to a tree. Move whatever way you like to move (or not) with energy. The same goes for tuning in. Click in while driving, walking, doing groceries: WHEREVER you feel inspired. A big focus of this broadcast is that when we connect with energy in ways that work for us we are able to be that big wave of love the world needs so much.

(Many of you have participated in my global ceremonies. Many have loved my track selections and music meditations. This instalment of Crow Medicine brings it all together. It also marks the path for ceremonial gatherings we will be having right here in this little page in the coming months and years. We are growing and expanding! I even got us a new ceremony dj so I can energy and they can music!)

Crow Medicine: Equinox Power Up and Focused Intent Dance Gathering by Katie IndiCrow on Spotify Premium

Click here for the episode!!:

Not a spotify premium member? No problem! Create a no-fee account to tune in and listen. You will be able to ‘pause’ the program when it comes to the songs, type the name in to your preferred music player to enjoy that part of the activity, then return to the audio.

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