Crow Medicine ep.6: Setting Intentions and Creating Our Path to Success (With Music)

‘Setting intentions’ is something that we are able to do to create change in our lives. It is an act of telling ourselves and the Universe that this (insert intention here) is what you are ready for.

Forming a grounded understanding of the factors at play in the process is an easy way to supercharge our impact in setting intentions (and following them through). In this instalment of Crow Medicine, we focus on the mechanics of setting intentions. In the process of the broadcast, we identify our own and work with the creative inspiration of music to call ours in and through. We talk about  vibration setting through music, ‘red flag’ and ‘green flag’ moments, the role of courage to see things through, and of course, how we are able to do it all with the flavour of joy. (Change does not have to be horrible.)

This is a special episode that we are able to come back to time and again as support on setting our own goals for some inspiration and encouragement to see them through. 

Crow Medicine: Focused Intent and Creating Our Path With Music

Like a link as opposed to an embedded player? Here you go:

Not a spotify premium member? No problem! Create a no-fee account to tune in and listen. You will be able to ‘pause’ the program when it comes to the songs, type the name in to your preferred music player to enjoy that part of the activity, then return to the audio.

Crow Note: I make mention of my very special learning program ‘Soul Compass’ in this podcast. Click here to learn more and to get yourself started on the journey that is working with this text: Books – Crow Medicine Media.

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