Crow Medicine ep. 7: Meeting Our Hurt and Healed Selves

Hurt selves and healed selves.

You may know them by their street names Shadow self and light being.

Hurt self is that being that tells us everything is broken and that there is nobody that we can trust. Healed self is experienced. They have been through it all and know still found love. They are the voice that tells us to keep going.We all have em both. They exist within each of us. This Crow Medicine podcast takes us on a journey to meet our hurt and healed. We learn who they are and what motivates them. Most importantly, we learn what we can do to help hurt self find peace.

Crow Medicine Meditative Journey

Join me for a guided meditative/learning journey all about getting to know them better. We tap into who they are and what motivates them. We hear about how to recognize who is acting. Most importantly, we learn how to treat our hurt self with compassion. 

Crow Medicine: Meeting Our Hurt and Healed Selves

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Seeking a way to further your growth? I recommend you continue your day by grounding this exploration with my other ‘Crow Medicine’ focused intent podcasts! There are music and meditation fusion episodes on setting intentions to experience growth, the tough stuff (initiations) and emergence from it all. If you are a music head and you love to practice with tunes, these are a great little gift from my creative heart to you. You can find them all on this website under ‘broadcasts’ (remember to ‘like’ and subscribe’):

Love this form of soul exploration and seeking ways to learn more? Check out my new book ‘Soul Compass’. It is based around a tone of self healing that is just like this. You can find that here:

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