Crow Medicine ep. 8: Messages of Love from the Planet

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Planet Earth has a personality and some excellent taste in music. This special instalment of Crow Medicine features a playlist curated with music and messages of love from the heart of our home planet to us. Yes, you read it accurately. Music from planet Earth.

The message: We matter. Our lives our sacred. We are not alone. Most importantly, the Planet reminds us of the healing medicine and sacred communication that is our birthright. It reminds us of how much we are loved. 

Featuring music from: DJ Shub, Folamour, Digable Planets, Chris Malinchak, Hector Couto, Sister Sledge, and Daft Punk.

The Medicine:

Prefer a live link as opposed to an embedded player?

Not a spotify premium member? No problem! Create a no-fee account to tune in and listen. You will be able to ‘pause’ the program when it comes to the songs, type the name in to your preferred music player to enjoy that part of the activity, then return to the audio.

Additional Resources:

Click here if you would like to see a video version of this message: A Message from Our Healing Planet: Honouring our Souls and the Sacred Contract (

Here for Soul Compass: Books – Crow Medicine Media

Here for a guided healing practice introducing you to your hurt and healed selves: Crow Medicine ep. 7: Meeting Our Hurt and Healed Selves – Crow Medicine Media.

Head to my FB home IndiCrow Energetics, my blogs:,, my instagram @KatieIndiCrow to get in touch and stay up to date on upcoming planetary focus events and training opportunities.

Crow Medicine with Katie IndiCrow: Messages of Love from the Planet

Learning a lot through these broadcasts? You are always welcomed to send gifts of thanks to I put a lot of heart into these and would gratefully receive the support.



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