Endings and Preparing to Begin (Again)

As we wind our way into September, our souls and the planet naturally move into the flow of preparing for Equinox.

Summarizing the Power of the Past Six Months

These past two seasons, March Equinox to June Solstice to September Equinox, has been a lot of things. Magnificent, hopeful, exciting, painful, and terrifying all at once. If you feel like every single thing in your life has been brought up for ‘review’ or changed: You are not alone. If you have had some really tough moments remember that does not mean you have failed. We call the journey a journey for a reason.

Life brings with it new opportunities. So too, come the endings. If you sit back in observer mode, we see that it is often if not always a mix of both. The span from June Solstice to September Equinox has been particularly salient as a ‘review’ phase, where everything we are doing (or have done) came up for evaluation. We asked ourselves: Is this working? Is this what I really want? Old ideas got new power and things we always dreamed of happened. There was also a lot of clearing out of very old patterns. While it was (is) all going on, I know it has felt heavy. Through it all, the choice to choose joy and peace has always been there. So too have those new opportunities. *Have you been noticing yours through all the dissolve? It is there.* What is important to remember is that it is all preparing space for the new. Part of the objective of Crow Medicine this season has been to help us keep our eyes and hearts on that. I did my best to provide guidance on how to find personal peace and point out the solar and cosmic connections.

Preparing for Equinox and Aligning for Growth

The body of season 1 of Crow Medicine was designed so that it would be like a journey through what we journey through during a season of growth. Cute, right? As such, it is filled with practical tools that you can work with at intervals throughout yours. I have listed some of the best bits are noted below:

*Most but not all Crow Medicine podcasts have music. The concept is that we focus on an idea or an energy in the ‘voice’ parts. We then work the energy through with music. I include the music because a) I love music and I have always wanted to do something like this and b) good music brings us places. I share some of my most favourite jams (that I also use in daily ceremony) to help inspire us on the path. I highly recommend you listen to each of them!*

Creating a Season of Growth: Voice podcast with tools and tips to power your season of growth. Now is a great window to listen to it: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1uUAlbavAaA7ztdEFAQ3FB?si=fd9318ae6be74bc0

Setting Intentions: Music infused journey to support setting intentions (with a lot of great information on following them through): https://open.spotify.com/episode/0ICcBentiVYvONoH4rIjR0?si=8cf3eeee86d64270 ,

Initiation: Music infused journey to help guide us through those moments when we are feeling challenged and like everything is ‘up’. This one helps us see the meaning in the mess and to find the strength to keep on moving: https://open.spotify.com/episode/4lHa2MeVkceHgZhBUKhLPN?si=76a061bfcca143dc .

Positive Emotional Connection: A music infused journey to forming positive connections with your emotions. This one goes deep in that we call our healing parts home. (This one is the fan favourite of the season.) https://open.spotify.com/episode/7w9EEQvpQvUdfCqVgprWon?si=f2b7f1cc15954f88 .

Hurt Self, Meet Healed Self: Voice only. A journey into the hurts parts of ourselves and tools on how to heal them. Shadow self gets a little bit of love and reconsidered: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1uUAlbavAaA7ztdEFAQ3FB?si=60c3868366f44e38 .

I have also recorded an Equinox and a Solstice journey that teach about the cycles of the planet. Tune into those if you would like to learn more about that: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3dDtCe206pvUenhTJgAX63?si=0713d6b51ee24124 .

Access permissions: You are able to access the full version of music casts through spotify. Not a spotify premium user? No problem. Create a ‘free’ account then tune in. You will get 30 second snippets of the songs because of licensing. You can press ‘pause’ and go to another streaming service. The music is selected because it sparks the energy of the conversation and focus.

Not a spotify person at all? No worries! Next season I will be producing in a wider range. For this one, you can access all the ‘voice only’ podcasts in full on google and pocket casts. You can also scroll through them here: https://anchor.fm/katie-indicrow .

Wrapping Season One and Moving into Sacred Focus

Back in March Equinox, I began creating this podcast. I knew that we were moving into something significant and I felt inspired to find ways to help people engage with it. My call was to bring people together in music and appreciation. The goal was to do something different. To play. To show that we are sacred and so too is our planet. Most importantly: That spiritual development and soul care is fun and is something we can fit in to our lives with ease. Over the course of the last six months, I have been performing and sharing these ceremonies and podcasts. The first few episodes you ever heard were my first podcasts and production attempts EVER. There were a couple of cringe moments in there. You know what? By the end of the season I think we really hit a true and powerful form!

As we wind our way into the September Equinox season and I am called into my own sacred ceremony as a caretaker of this planet, we come to our natural conclusion of season 1 of Crow Medicine! For the next few weeks, I will be taking a creative rest from social media and most public engagement. This is something I do every quarter in order to hear my soul and the planet.

I will be back for Equinox.

Thank you to the listeners and learners who have come to this new project. I never imagined that it would find its way into as many hearts, homes, and parts of the world as it has! We currently are in 30 countries. USA is our highest concentration of listeners (we made it to 33 states) with Canada, Australia and the UK as our next highly represented. We have listeners in Japan, China, Guernsey, Serbia, Egypt, Ireland, France, the Netherlands to name just a few. All age groups are represented in our listeners demographic with early 20s being our fastest growing and my own age group, mid thirties to early fourties being our biggest listening group. (Woot woot!!!!!) I LOVE ALL THIS DIVERSITY. Just goes to show that music and soul transcend all those things we call boundaries.

Thank you to those who have sent in gifts of support to say ‘thanks’ for this meaningful programming. I do not get formally paid or have a sponsor for this podcast outside of you donors! You can send a gift to paypal.me/KatieIndiCrow if you feel so inclined.

One final big thank you to those of you who written to me and said hi and to show appreciation for the podcasts and creations. It does my heart so well to hear that this is helping you find and be yourself on the daily. I love music. I love to play. I love knowing you are out there.

New Ideas in Production

I have a second ‘show’ that is in the works. This one differs from the spiritual sacred connection practice focus of Crow Medicine in that it talks about energy in motion. There is a huge world of people who are ready to hear about the mechanics of focus and how to bring that into daily life *without the strongly spiritual overtone*. Meditation, energy management, and the skills I teach are great for athletes, musicians, academics, people in public service, teachers, students, and the list goes on. I have taught these skills in private to people falling into each of the above categories. As my audience grows ever larger and so too does my inspiration, now feels like the time to bring this conversation to the public. That is exactly what I will be doing in my new podcast. Stay tuned for that!

Wishing You a Powerful September of Personal Focus and Transformation



*Now is a great time to start Soul Compass. A gentle, highly effective self-study learning journey that goes deep into getting to know you and how your soul works. I set up payment plan options for those who would like them. Click here to read more and to access: https://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/course/soul-compass

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