90 Second Meditation to Soothe and Calm

90 seconds of focused breathing, music, and inspiring imagery to help you feel soothed and calm. The video and music that make up this practice are brought together to create a little vibration quilt you can wrap around your shoulders at any moment. You add the breath and voila. Energy adjusting magic.

*Short practices like this are great to work with during those precious moments where we need to get lifted or feel loved and quick. Work with them between clients or classes, when feeling overwhelmed, or to maintain that high vibe state in general are ways to use this!*

The tones of vibration represented in the video are selected with purpose. The lights, hues, and elements, complement the notes of the music. Together, they bring you into a state of being soothed and calmed. Watch once or repeat on loop, this practice is a little 90 second oasis of peace for you.

For More

LOVE the music approach? Good news. Me, too. So much that I have dedicated a podcast series on spotify to fusing meditation and music into some pretty rad soul journeys. They include a wide genre of music (because different sorts bring us to different places). Here is an example of one: https://crow-medicine.com/2021/08/18/positive-emotional-connections/.

Creative Licensing Attributions:

Stock footage provided by Videvo. Downloaded from http://www.videvo.net. Created by Katie IndiCrow with permissions for Crow Medicine Media and IndiCrow Energetics. This material is copyright protected.



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