Catching A Vibe: Music is Energy Management

Catching a vibe is a powerful energy management strategy.

Catching a vibe, or ‘vibing’ means choosing a harmonic experience. It means choosing vibration. It means choosing a state of being. Music is one of the most powerful tools we have to work with to do it with relative ease.

I believe this so much that I created “Crow Medicine” music journeys and meditation moments.

In this instalment that fuses music and conversation, I cover over some of the ‘core concepts’ that drive the Crow Medicine music connection. In it, we talk about how to work with music to set a tone for our day-to-day experience, transform ourselves to healing places, and for soul and creative expansion. Think ‘space journeys’ and dancing with the planet. That is where this leads. Sound fun? Join me.

Featuring music by: Gang Starr, Baltra, Shire T, Bonobo, Helios, DRS, and Bass-O-Matic

Play along with a ‘vibe check’ experiment that we do all the way through, as we work with the songs to call forth specific parts of our experience (thus demonstrating the power of music).

Segment summary:

Introduction: The healing power of music and why ‘catching a vibe’ is a viable energy management strategy. (We do an experiment throughout the podcast about how you feel during the different songs to get a direct example of what I mean. Play along!)

Music capes for day -to-day experience.

Music to feel safe and transported in scary or difficult emotional situations. *A little backstory on how Crow Medicine came to be.*

An exercise to stimulate connecting to your soul spark while we listen to the next musical selection *I form and experience a connection with my sacred soul spark.*

Music as a way to experience energy. The songs in our heads and our hearts. Calling forth music to have a high vibrational experience and why that is helpful on our path to healing.

Inviting YOU to start building YOUR power playlist (really, right now).

Ready to learn with me? In the final segment I invite you to come on into IndiCrow Academy.  You may click this post for more of a description, to access the program, and a little example of the rad videos I talk about: A Life Changing Experience: Body, Soul & Planet – Crow Medicine: ( I would love to welcome you to my school.

Click this link for direct access:

Permissions and access note that applies only to the music podcasts: This podcast was created through a partnership with anchor and spotify. The music is made available through the latter. As such, listeners will require a spotify premium account to get the ‘full’ experience. *The ‘free’ ones work, so do not feel excluded. Users on those get 30 second snips of the songs. I recommend pressing pause and getting the song elsewhere to have the ‘full’ experience. OR, tune in to my single song meditations. Those are much easier to follow along with for non spotify members. ‘Mars’ and ‘Just Breathe’ are top of that list.*

Link to the Rest of the Crow Medicine Music Podcasts

Would you like to go on more adventures with this concept? I have a growing list. Click here to access them on spotify:


Although I ‘have’ a well established career as a writer and teacher, everything about this part of my existence is ‘new’. I created this page, this podcast, and this programming as a big leap of faith. I would love to meet and make friends with some of you new. I have a new Instagram page I am working on building up. Would love some love there Crow Medicine Media (@crowmedicinekatie) • Instagram photos and videos and as @katieindicrow. I am on tiktok @katieindicrow. See you there (I hope). Or here. That also works.

Big love,

Katie IndiCrow

Check out my ‘monthly astrology reports’, school, and ceremonies. We have one coming up for solstice!

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