2 Crow Medicines Editing

Hey, friends.

“Messages of Love from the Planet” and “Initiation” are down for editing. They will be back later this week.

You will notice me starting to release some of my test content from the beginning days of recording and posting here, back in March. Much of what I was doing over these past few months was getting to learn all about the new programs and technology I started working with as part of this adventure. They truly were my very first baby productions. (Thank you for being here with me through that.)

In the earlier days, the sound was not always great and sometimes, the themes were not as clear. So too, some of my earlier meditation videos where I was working with a new medium were ‘rough’. Having built the skills and accessed the equipment to create a more polished production, that is my aim, now. The teachings are masterful and the medium should match. I have been thoroughly enjoying learning and growing

*If you are an ‘old’ fan who followed me during the youtube and early writing years where we were still traveling the world* You know, back in 2016 or whatever year it was I started making my public creations, it was to hustle the caretaking community through some major planetary change. I would run into the house and make videos right after ceremony, hair still messy and sun in the eyes. The onus was on getting the information where it had to go and running back outside. Things were much more ‘rough’ in the sense that things were happening VERY quickly. Things are still happening quickly. As I said when I retired the old pages, things have changed. There is definitely no more 3 countries in one day for me as a regular thing at the moment. Ceremony is daily, but it is home and being home gives space to really do things differently. I miss the road but I also enjoy this. As people, we still have necessity to come together and so I focus here, on that. Though it is feeling insane in the world around us, I assure you all is going very well in a universal sense. We are grounding ‘the big shift’ and this upheaval is part of it. Crow Medicine is still here for it as I have always been. Getting to do it in new and different ways has been liberating.*

Thanks to you, the early fans, to this vision. You have been a great group to put these new programs out to. I appreciate you.

Thanks to those of you who have been with me all these years. I hope my courage to make these changes inspires you to do the same. We really did ‘do the thing’.

Happy Wednesday!

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