December Astrology Report: Depths and Rebirth

Gathering the Astrology Nerds: This is Our December 2021 Astrology Report (video and audio available in several formats and platforms)

The theme: Depths and Rebirth (this is a good thing)

Hello, friends!

Welcome to a powerful astrological month that includes diverse and unique alignments including: 2 pairs of conjunctions that bring Pluto, Venus, and Mercury into close communication. Neptune goes direct. We also have solstice and an eclipse.

A slideshow with a little MFDOOM sound treatment for those so inclined. His music powers a lot of my ceremony moments in NYC and area. Click the links below ‘accessing the report’ for the full report.

In short, this is a wow kind of a month where we get the opportunity to encounter some alignment pairs that have the special potential to mark our healing path.

As the theme suggests: This is a deep dive into personal limitations and tough patterns that will be immediately followed up with cosmic moments of spark, spark, spark.

*Though these planetary alignments could seem brutal, a highlight of THIS report is on how to work with these moments as opportunities to chart our path. *

Highlight: What I am most excited about is our journey with Pluto, which is going to bring us through some necessary depths. Pluto is a planet we get less ‘direct’ engagement with. When it is present, big things happen. As I discuss in the report, Venus (the planet representing the harmonic of Universal Mother Love) is here to gently guide us through.

****A highlight of this monthly report is that as I go through each alignment, I also recommend a positive way to engage it. Stay tuned for affirmations and suggestions on how to harness the high harmonic of the cosmic flow. *****

Accessing the Report

Tune in for an alignment-by-alignment explanation of the planets as they come.

As I expand my new forms of communication, one of my objectives is to become ever more accessible cross-platform. I am so excited to announce that my podcast got picked up to pilot a video program on spotify. What that means is that I now get to upload videos to accompany my productions on spotify. YAY!



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*I would really appreciate some views and love on the page. It may even help me get a feature which would be a great leap.*

Hope you enjoy the report!

We be riding through this together.


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Happy Neptune Direct day! #astrology #Venus #pluto

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