Experiencing Powerful Emotions

Emotions We all have them. Most of us try to manage them. But do we really understand them at all?

As a former ’emotional outburster’ and current person who is ‘highly emotional’, in this podcast, I get into the truth of what it can be like to feel and experience big emotions. Taking it from an energy informed perspective, I identify emotions as powerful messages from the soul. Sometimes warnings, others information sources about self and other, often keys to our own healing, our ‘feelings’ are an important part of the voice of our soul. You feel a lot? That is your soul talking. LISTEN!

As we discuss, the problem many of us experience with emotions is that we are taught to ignore and repress them. To judge self and other for having them. Guess what? That kind of repression can lead to explosions and lash outs. This in turn winds us into situations where one winds up destroying the very relationship, activity, or experience they were feeling so passionately about.

Have you been the person who threw a tantrum when you did not get your way? We all pretty much have been. So too have we hurt and been hurt by emotions and the ways they have been expressed (or not) by others. This is a no shame zone where we talk about why this happens and how to manage it. Nobody is perfect. We are all on this learning journey together. Let us be real about it, see ourselves for who we are, and keep it moving.

Tune in for a podcast that is all about doing just that.

Crow Medicine: Experiencing Powerful Emotions

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Experiencing Powerful Emotions Crow Medicine with Katie IndiCrow

Additional Resources:

As I say in the podcast, caring powerfully about something is a good sign. It only gets destructive when have not yet figured out how to discern the message in our emotions and to positively direct the energy they represent. Learning how to experience and appreciate them as that supports emotional intelligibility and personal energy management. This is something I care a lot about. Here are some resources to support your journey:

Forming Positive Emotional Connections (spotify music journey personal ceremony): Music + Ceremony Journey: Calling in Positive Emotional Connections – Crow Medicine: (crow-medicine.com)

Though I did not speak about it in this podcast, another reason that we experience major emotions is that we are not grounding our energy. This is a brand new article from my blog about getting grounded: Feeling Ungrounded: How to Identify if You are Ungrounded and Ways to Fix It – Crow Medicine: (crow-medicine.com)

Body, Soul and Planet Powerful Connections pack (this is the one where you learn how to talk to your emotions, come hear a presentation about it: Have You Been Feeling the Call to Soul Care and Self-Discovery? – Crow Medicine: (crow-medicine.com)


Although I ‘have’ a well established career as a writer and teacher,
everything about this part of my existence is ‘new’. I created this page, this
podcast, and this programming as a big leap of faith. I would love to meet and
make friends with some of you new. I have a new Instagram page I am working on
building up. Would love some love there Crow
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That also works.

Do you have any energy related questions you would like me to address in a podcast? Let me know! I would love your suggestions.


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