March 2022 Astrology Report: Defining Our Path Together

This month we have unparalleled opportunity to work with planetary configurations to call forth a new way of being. Join me for an honest conversation about how current events and planets intersect this month to create a unique opportunity for healing. Not to mention, to get together and call forth peace. As I discuss in the podcast, we are seeing the very real rearing of the old archetypes, power structures, attack strategies on many layers. Right now what is often cloaked has become visible and it is scary.

However, within all of this there is hope. There is birth. There is freedom and unmasking. There is spring. There is a chance at a new life. There is choice. Most importantly, we have these planets and one another to work with to create change.

How do we do that? Part of it is becoming aware of the lessons of the Universe when we are being shown them. This podcast is all about recognizing our current moment as exactly this.

Crow Medicine Podcast March 2022 Astrology Report

March 2022 Astrology Report

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Experiencing Powerful Emotions Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century

Emotions. We all have them. Many of us try to manage them. But where do they come from and why do some of us feel them in ways that can feel almost uncontrollable? In this podcast, I get into the truth of what it can be like to feel and experience big emotions. Taking it from an energy informed perspective, I identify emotions as powerful messages from the soul. Sometimes warnings, others information sources about self and other, often keys to our own healing, our 'feelings' are an important part of the voice of our soul. You feel a lot? That is your soul talking. LISTEN! The big takeaway point here is that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Having big emotions can be an enriching and nourishing part of life.As we discuss, the problem many of us experience with emotions is that we are taught to ignore and repress them. To judge self and other for having them. Guess what? That kind of repression can lead to explosions and lash outs. This in turn winds us into situations where one winds up destroying the very relationship, activity, or experience they were feeling so passionately about. Key things we can all do? Learn to form healthy self-communication habits where we evaluate our state-of-being. Regular outlets of self-expression through writing or physical exercise can help with grounding. Learning to hear the message in your emotions is a key suggestion that I make in this podcast. (Come back for more installments where I will examine other facets of emotions as energy.) Additional Resources: As I say in the podcast, caring powerfully about something is a good sign. It only gets destructive when have not yet figured out how to discern the message in our emotions and to positively direct the energy they represent. Learning how to experience and appreciate them as that supports emotional intelligibility and personal energy management. This is something I care a lot about. Here are some resources to support your journey (stay tuned for more): Forming Positive Emotional Connections (spotify music journey personal ceremony): Music + Ceremony Journey: Calling in Positive Emotional Connections – Crow Medicine: ( Though I did not speak about it in this podcast, another reason that we experience major emotions is that we are not grounding our energy. This is a brand new article from my blog about getting grounded: Feeling Ungrounded: How to Identify if You are Ungrounded and Ways to Fix It – Crow Medicine: ( Breathe, Ground, Connect: Basics of Energy Management: Breathe, Ground, Connect: Foundations of Energy Management ( Do you have any energy related questions you would like me to address in a podcast? Let me know! I would love your suggestions.  *I know I asked you to place them in my spotify q and a spot. The host company seems to have taken that down probably to do with other controversial things happening on this platform. Please visit me at my instagram or websites to submit an idea for the show. I truly would love to hear what is driving your curiousity out there!* Love, Katie IndiCrow CrowMedicineKatie (Instagram):
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Key Dates: 

As I say in the podcast, this is a harmonization month. We are setting a tone for what is to come. We are also dealing with some very ugly remnants of what came before. Here are some of the key dates described herein. Tune in for the extended list:

March 2: Mercury and Saturn Conjunction, Close Approach, and new Moon.

March 3: Mars and Pluto Conjunction

March 5: Venus and Pluto (again), Jupiter solar conjunction

March 7: Moon and Uranus close approach (in Aries)

March 12: Conjunction Venus and Mars

March 13: Neptune Solar Conjunction

March 15: Close approach Venus and Mars

March 20: EQUINOX

March 29: Conjunction of Venus and Saturn March 30: Conjunction with Moon and Jupiter


Mask removal. The ability to breathe and smile and emote with one another en masse is worth celebrating. So too is seeing veiled truth.

Removal of (some) extremely restrictive regimes that made some of us second class citizens. We get to live this experience. Love and good sense won!

March 1 and March 20: FREEDOM DAYS

The power of choice and our ability to unite as a collective. The power WE have to make change.

Taking personal responsibility for when or if we are a gateway for the pain, aggression, and fear on this planet.

Closing out of major pathways of aggression and negative influence through the archetypes. Taking responsibility for moments we may be acting as an attack point to another.

Continuing to revisit the problems and the unhealed energy of the last epoch. What happened to put us there? What did we learn? Are we going to keep going in this direction? Healing soul wounds from past lives.

This is a Season For

Adjusting the archetypes

Continuing to ask and be asked the big questions. Where do we stand and what do we stand for? What are the consequences of our individual actions?

Recognizing our ability to unite as a group of humans living on Planet Earth to plant seeds for ourselves and future generations.

The Importance of YOUR Intent

You are here now. That is a gift.

Resources mentioned:

Calling forth Peace: Peace on Earth Meditation – Crow Medicine: (

Calling Love into Our Path: Music Journey: Calling Love into Your Path – Crow Medicine: (

Powerful Connections Pack: Courses (

Stay tuned!


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