March 2022 Astrology Report: Defining Our Path Together

This month we have unparalleled opportunity to work with planetary configurations to call forth a new way of being. Join me for an honest conversation about how current events and planets intersect this month to create a unique opportunity for healing. Not to mention, to get together and call forth peace. As I discuss in the podcast, we are seeing the very real rearing of the old archetypes, power structures, attack strategies on many layers. Right now what is often cloaked has become visible and it is scary.

However, within all of this there is hope. There is birth. There is freedom and unmasking. There is spring. There is a chance at a new life. There is choice. Most importantly, we have these planets and one another to work with to create change.

How do we do that? Part of it is becoming aware of the lessons of the Universe when we are being shown them. This podcast is all about recognizing our current moment as exactly this.

Crow Medicine Podcast March 2022 Astrology Report

March 2022 Astrology Report

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October 2022 Astrology Report: Shifting the Veils Personally and Cosmically Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century

Welcome to the October 2022 Astrology Report. Our theme this month is shifting veils. With Samhain and Halloween being such celebrated holidays as well as our astrological alignments, themes of the otherworld, underworld, soul journeys, and being what happens on the 'other side' are at the top of our lips. In this report, I talk about how the astrology of October 2022 is placed to bring us on our very own special journey into and through the veils. With Mercury taking the lead on October 2 as it goes direct and taking a key role the rest of the month (and beyond), this month we have an Eclipse (on the Scorpio/Taurus axis), Pluto goes direct, Venus has a superior solar conjunction. We are at a unique place in our planetary journey. The last podcast I delivered was about the decade point since 2012. In it, I mentioned that a lot of souls were going to be waking up in a large wave, even bigger than what we experienced then. In this podcast, I talk about how the other world and the underworld are not just for the dead. Rather, many of us have parts of ourselves that are traveling to and through them. October is a month soul sparking and integration is going to be at a high potential BECAUSE of the thinning of the veils. This is an excellent time to dive deep on yourself, your questions, and also, your desires and creations. Pluto and Scorpio in combination with Saturn are bringing forth the grounding of what can be known as 'extreme' emotions. Desire is a powerful thing, as is passion. Learning to bring those into our lives through our creation is a pathway to happiness and success. Key themes discussed: All of the above plus the power of the Taurus and Scorpio nodal journey, how souls journey (and ways to recognize if yours is on the move), actualization, working with the Eclipse, what is coming up for November and December 2022 and why it is important to ground and prepare now. Do you have dreams where you are traveling through territory and wonder what those are about? Tune in. I talk about them in the second and third segment. This is very common and is a sign your soul is on the move (ideally, back to you). Key Alignments Discussed in the Podcast October 2: Mercury Direct October 5: Conjunction of Moon and Saturn October 5: Mercury at Perihelion October 8: Mercury dichotomy and Greatest West, Pluto Direct, ca of Moon and Jupiter October 9: Mercury highest altitude and Full Moon (Aries) October 12: Close Approach Moon and Uranus, Lunar Occultation of Uranus October 14: Close approach of Moon and Mars October 15: Conjunction of Moon and Mars October 22: Venus superior solar conjunction October 23:  Saturn direct, Venus enters Scorpio October 25: New Moon, partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio October 28: Jupiter goes Retrograde October 29: Mercury enters Scorpio Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection Learning Experience: Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection (book): Would you like to receive a mix of blog posts, podcast notifications, and other IndiCrow caws to your inbox? Sign up for my email list: Subscribe to My Email List – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (
  1. October 2022 Astrology Report: Shifting the Veils Personally and Cosmically
  2. Turning of the Seasons (and Decade)
  3. September Update and Special Announcement
  4. A Wave of Cosmic Love
  5. Energy Management for Busy People

Key Dates: 

As I say in the podcast, this is a harmonization month. We are setting a tone for what is to come. We are also dealing with some very ugly remnants of what came before. Here are some of the key dates described herein. Tune in for the extended list:

March 2: Mercury and Saturn Conjunction, Close Approach, and new Moon.

March 3: Mars and Pluto Conjunction

March 5: Venus and Pluto (again), Jupiter solar conjunction

March 7: Moon and Uranus close approach (in Aries)

March 12: Conjunction Venus and Mars

March 13: Neptune Solar Conjunction

March 15: Close approach Venus and Mars

March 20: EQUINOX

March 29: Conjunction of Venus and Saturn March 30: Conjunction with Moon and Jupiter


Mask removal. The ability to breathe and smile and emote with one another en masse is worth celebrating. So too is seeing veiled truth.

Removal of (some) extremely restrictive regimes that made some of us second class citizens. We get to live this experience. Love and good sense won!

March 1 and March 20: FREEDOM DAYS

The power of choice and our ability to unite as a collective. The power WE have to make change.

Taking personal responsibility for when or if we are a gateway for the pain, aggression, and fear on this planet.

Closing out of major pathways of aggression and negative influence through the archetypes. Taking responsibility for moments we may be acting as an attack point to another.

Continuing to revisit the problems and the unhealed energy of the last epoch. What happened to put us there? What did we learn? Are we going to keep going in this direction? Healing soul wounds from past lives.

This is a Season For

Adjusting the archetypes

Continuing to ask and be asked the big questions. Where do we stand and what do we stand for? What are the consequences of our individual actions?

Recognizing our ability to unite as a group of humans living on Planet Earth to plant seeds for ourselves and future generations.

The Importance of YOUR Intent

You are here now. That is a gift.

Resources mentioned:

Calling forth Peace: Peace on Earth Meditation – Crow Medicine: (

Calling Love into Our Path: Music Journey: Calling Love into Your Path – Crow Medicine: (

Powerful Connections Pack: Courses (

Stay tuned!


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