High Power Planet Alert: April 12 – May 17, 2022

We have a uniquely powerful set of conjunctions coming up in the next month. Press ‘play’ to see a short video presentation on the highlights. I made sure to include some higher and harder harmonic intention suggestions that you may like to incorporate into your ceremony as we make our way through.

SAD NOTE: The video USED to be here. Then people started ‘taking’ download copies for themselves. This was supposed to be a nice fundraiser. To keep it that way, the video is now exclusively hosted at my other blog where I have content protection. (Ps that fundraiser was to help me cover blog costs. You can still join in!!!)

(If you are on the email list, click the middle of the picture)

Would you like to get a downloadable version of this video and a written copy of the intention suggestions AND all the dates for easy integration into your calendar and practice? I am running a little page fundraiser. Click here to contribute $5 and receive a copy in thanks: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/crowmedicine/e/66773

Click here to check out my April astrology report. I describe the power behind the planets in detail in there.

Check back for May, where I will continue telling the story of our planet.


Katie IndiCrow

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