May Astrology Report: Living 2.0

The theme of this month is Living 2.0.  This month into June, we are all about moving into action. This is a graduation moment for the planet as well as for us. The veil on human excellence is shifting. The lies we were believing about ourselves and the world around us, ‘illusions’ are shattering. Jupiter, Uranus, and Mars usher in a new phase of potential. The planetary alignments of this month *and the phase we begin at its conclusion* are all about seeing your true spark. Already know you are great? Good news. There is potential for this to start paying off in new and different ways. Are you ready?


May is the kind of month where perspective, vibration, and our ability to embrace the process come into play as key determinants of experience. This month and what comes after it is the equivalent of a cosmic breath of fresh air for those who are ready for it. In the harder harmonics, things will feel jarring. Beginning in an eclipse window, we see Venus enter Aries, Jupiter sextile Pluto (more points). If you have been grinding and working hard, you will see rewards. It will feel good. Take this as inspiration to keep at it. Follow your dreams and inspiration. That is what the bedrock of a satisfying life.

Higher harmonics: intuitive development, clear self-connection, focused inspiration, creativity, meeting objectives, beneficial interactions, finding solutions, completing long-term projects, renewed vision, adventure, personal excellence, body love, physical expression.

Harder harmonics: disbelief in self, lack of awareness of the impact of ones’ actions, feeling like there is ‘no time’, finding limits, tough choices that have been long avoided, limits and limitations, anger and volatile expression, spiritual manipulation, and what happens when we do not hold ourselves (and others) accountable.

Would you like a little something to help support getting to the higher harmonic of each day? I present you ‘Daily Harmonization: Experiencing Personal Excellence’. This is a 5 minute music-video-meditation practice that you are able to work with In the am to get ready for go time (whatever your version is). Goal setting component built in. Click here to access: Daily Harmonization Practice – Crow Medicine: (

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Seeking a longer written article with a date list? I published one on my writing blog, Crow-Medicine. Access it here:

I made a little something to help with personal success and experiencing the higher harmonic each day….

Announcing a Special Opportunity:

Preparing for Next Season

We are making the natural turn of the seasons. As you can tell, I love talking about this topic and offering insight through it. Today, I excitedly announce that I will be hosting a unique seasonal journey. Come join me for a season of discovery by registering for: In the Flow: A Seasonal Journey of Intention Setting and Goal Fulfillment. (Running May 29-Late August with registration and a ‘pre activity’ live now. Registration closes on June 10, 2022.) **Payment plans available at the checkout.*

This is a guided learning experience that is all about supporting goal setting and personal development through the framework of the cycle of the seasons. We begin in late May on the Mars and Jupiter conjunction, work with June Solstice as our point for intention setting,  and we run until the third week of August where you will do goal actualization and follow-through.

Taking place online: Happening online at IndiCrow Academy, there are no set ‘class times’. Rather. I lay out the material in your student folder for you to get to at your leisure.

What you get: We begin with information on preparing for solstice and setting powerful intentions. To ground them, you will receive a guided solstice ceremony led by yours truly. This will be like the one from Equinox but a little more ‘special’ because you are enrolled in a learning experience with me. After that, materials will be drop fed with the intention of promoting goal fulfillment, self-connection, and inspiration through the month. It will not be long articles like this. It will be poignant, pointed, thought provoking material, videos (of me talking about a topic) and suggestions on how to achieve your goals. This includes self-discovery questions, notification of key planetary alignments and guidance on how to work with them as they come up. This, in turn, supports grounded success. *Material is drip fed throughout the season at appropriate moment to stimulate ongoing development. It is up to you which ones you work with and when!*This is about: Bringing intuitive, inner world into the space of action. Grounding metaphysical principles in real-life and seeing their impact as success strategies.

Do you like the tone of my videos and podcasts? You will be receiving the same type of content, curated specifically for this season!

Register and Read More Here :

Did you already purchase the harmonization practice? I will post a coupon code in your student folder. Use it at checkout to receive a discount.

*Anyone wishing to get a head start can register now and receive the bonus gift of the ‘daily harmonization practice’. It is right there in your student folder. The rest of the material comes out the fourth week of May. Registration closes June 10, 2022.*

Pictures of the ‘Gender Gap’ Game referenced in the blog

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Have a great month.


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