Crow Medicine Music Journey: Fantastic Voyage

Join me on a fantastic voyage.

Life is a fantastic voyage. Uranus solar conjunction is perfect for sparking your connection to it as that. Tune in for a Crow Medicine Music Journey. Together, we dance in joy, opportunity, and creative soul connection into our lives. The theme? Charting our path through the next season as inspired by funk, disco, and your intentions.

Been wondering what I have been up to? The video invitation has some videos and images from my caretaking journeys this season. Join me on a little journey through sound and celebration. The theme? Fantastic Voyage.

*I kept putting a movie in here. Something is wrong with my webhost that changes it after I post. Check out this instagram version instead.*

The Podcast

Crow Medicine Music Journey on spotify premium:

Not a spotify premium user but would like a music infused journey? The ‘harmonization practice’ listed below is one. You are also able to tune into this one with a ‘free’ account. Just know you will get 30 second snippets of the songs as opposed to the full.

Additional Materials Mentioned in the Podcast

In the Flow: A Seasonal Journey of Intention Setting and Goal Fulfillment: In the Flow: A Seasonal Journey of Intention Setting and Goal Fulfillment (

Daily Harmonics Practice. Includes music and harmonics. *No ‘talking’ during the practice. Just you, the music and video (with instruction on screen as you move through it.*: Daily Harmonization Tool (

May Astrology Report:

Back with more Crow Medicine music journeys, soon!

Big love,

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