Music Meditation: Getting High Harmonic with Jupiter and Mars

Powering You with Jupiter and Mars” 

Mars and Jupiter are powerful planets for self-expression and getting things done. Take ten minutes and play with breath, sound, and focus to call forth your highest harmonic connection to them this season. Featuring the song ‘Light in the Dark’ by Dee Montero, the goal of this one is to foster empowerment, self-acceptance, and to know that who you are, in all your facets, is a worthwhile human being. Tune into this one to power your season of growth or any time you need a reminder.

Genre: melodic house (come back for others in classic rock, hip hop, funk, r&b, disco as we go)

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Introducing Meditation Moments

This is a new creative idea that is being added onto the Crow Medicine Music Journeys for the June 2022 season. As we know, music is a powerful tool for soul connection, self-expression, and finding the creative parts of the soul. The longer duration Crow Medicine Music Journeys really lay out that concept.

Now that we have that under our belts, we are now going to take the skill or the benefit we have learned and put it into practice in more digestible bits. As opposed to being longer in duration, the Music Meditations will be one to three songs in length along with a breath and focus exercise led by me. They will be of different genres including classic rock, house, techno, ambient, hip hop, r&b, soul, disco, and whatever else comes up as inspiration.

Getting High (Harmonic) with Jupiter and Mars

These are being published on spotify premium. Not a user? No problem. The full audio is available below through my ‘anchor’ profile and podcast. All you have to do is que up the song and listen in full when that moment happens. Not ‘ideal’ but definitely functional. (I work with spotify this way because of music licensing. (Click here for it:

At the time of recording this music meditation, we are in the kickstart of a Mars and Jupiter jump off with a June solstice focus and expansion throughout. This meditation is a ten-minute activity that you can work with and build your highest and harmonic connection to these planets for this season (and beyond).

Want to hear more about the astrology behind the idea? Listen to the ‘seasonal energy report’:

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