Solstice Ceremony: Celebrating Your Sacred Connection to Earth

Join me, under this tree, for a solstice ceremony. The theme? Celebrating your sacred connections, with a special nod to Planet Earth. Fusing nature sounds, crystalline core connection, and belief that you are all part of this, the goal of this journey is to honour life here on the planet.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED IN THIS CEREMONY! I have taken it ‘offline’ as the energy for this particular one has closed. I leave this post as a placeholder and happy memory.

Celebrating the Cycle of the Seasons 

Celebrating the cycle of the seasons is an honoured tradition. This June, we get back to basics. This ceremony is all about focusing on our sacred connection to Earth. In it, we re-new and re-commit to ourselves.  We say thank you to the planet and allow ourselves to be amazed at how excellent it really is to be here. 

The Ceremony

Format: In this 36-minute journey, I guide participants through a self-actualization activity that is all about sparking, acknowledging, and celebrating their sacred connections. Blending nature sounds and inspirational music, it begins with a breathing and energy alignment exercise (where you harmonize to earth and yourself). We move together to sit under a tree, where we tune further into our sacred connection with the planet. As we sit under this tree, I lead you through an inspirational self-connection journey. The ceremony concludes with affirmations for self-actualization and suggestions on how to bring the energy you are building here in this ceremony into your season.

Suggestion: *There is a section of thanksgiving and celebration in the ceremony. You may like to think about specific planetary thankyous for earth, as well as the other planets who have been supporting, guiding, and teaching you this season. This is part of forming that ‘high harmonic’ relationship I always speak about. Crystal friends, animals, sacred implements. Bring em all in. This is part of what makes it fun and unique.

Wasy to Access the Ceremony

Crow Medicine Solstice Ceremony on anchor:

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Or right here:

March Astrology pt 2: A Cosmic Opportunity to Receive Yourself Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century

This is a podcast about the lifelong process of receiving yourself and the importance of taking moments to do it. It is Equinox and we are experiencing a unique planetary lineup that creates space for big self-grounding. Tune in to hear about both and how to make the most of this season. Support Materials 1. An article about the planets and more suggestions on how to receive yourself: 2. Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection: Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection – Crow Medicine ( 3. Energy Pillar: Energy Pillar Upgrade – Crow Medicine ( 4. To request private consultation: 5. Crow Medicine Meditations: Guided Meditation to Hear Your Soul: If Your Soul Could Deliver You One Message What Would it Be? – YouTube — Send in a voice message:
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  4. Unexpected Signs You are Experiencing Negative Energy & How to Deal with It
  5. When Earth Moves Energy Shifts: The Turkey Earthquake

How to Learn More

In the ceremony, I mentioned my two learning programs that root directly to this topic. 

‘Breathe, Ground, Connect’:

‘Soul Compass”:

Soul Compass and the Powerful Connections pack (that features both programs for a super bargain) are on ‘sale’ right now until June 26. I would love to welcome you to my school.

For More Content to Get You Through the Season

Read and peruse my other work! My writing and teachery blog is I routinely post written pieces that I do not place here that are based on the lifestyle and wellness everyday life kind of topics.

Check out ‘Crow Medicine Seasonal Astrology Report: Mars, Aries and Jupiter” for a conversation on the power planets Mars and Jupiter that are lighting up solstice, and the journey that they are taking as ‘center stage’ this season: /

Check out ‘Crow Medicine June Astrology Report: Cosmic Test Drive’ to hear more about the integration of frequencies and reconnection to earth that we get to experience this month:

Try out my new ‘music meditation’ ‘Getting High Harmonic with Jupiter and Mars’ as a great way to keep it moving and continue your preparation:

You can link to each of the above or any of my brand new podcasts as they emerge from ‘quicklinks’ on my snazzy main page:

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How? There are several ways. First and foremost, I gratefully receive donations and gifts of thanks for the ongoing programming and effort to or To do it anonymously, just do not fill in the ‘name’ blank.

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Big love and thank you for participating. I hope you enjoyed this.

Katie IndiCrow.

For the energy sensitive workout crew: Why Energy Sensitives Feel Tired Post Workout – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (

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