USA Pluto Return: Stories from the Road

USA is having its Pluto Return. That means that we are in the process of revisiting the energetic and foundational underpinnings of the creation of this country that we call home. Earlier on in our Pluto Return process I released this article introducing this special astrological alignment that brings us back into the very energy of the creation of USA. You can check that article out here: USA Pluto Return 2022 – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (

This post is to announce part 2 of the story, a brand-new podcast I recorded this morning. As a person who takes care of the land here, I talk about some of the lessons that I have learned as we have moved through first Saturn Square Uranus and then into the Pluto Return, this year. This is part of the journey we are on together, friends. Tune in and hear my little part of the story.

A key highlight in this conversation is the unique position we are in right now, as we heal our Mars in Aries energy thread collectively throughout the USA. Yes, we are seeing problems. This is what is supposed to be happening. As we see them, it is our job to hold the light. Some of the stories that I tell in relation to what we are healing are in relation to the creation of USA that brought with it heavy warfare that marked the land. So too was there a dislocation of caretakers of the land that had lived on it for 10,000 or so odd years prior. The land here, at times, has spoken to me about its unhappiness as a result of that treatment. Interestingly, crime spikes seem to happen in the exact spaces the land feels wronged. I share these stories, today. 

The third segment of the podcast is a little food for thought on what we can do as part of holding the light here, in USA. This is a powerful and lively land that we get to call home. We also get to the be the ones to usher it through these changes. Tough job, but we are ready. Part of it is bringing awareness, self- discipline, and focus to each day.

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