Why We Start Feeling (More) Energy

Have you ever wondered why it is it that we are able to live with energy all around us and never be ‘bothered by’ or ‘notice it’ and then one day, BAM. We feel like it is ‘everywhere’ and we can feel ‘everything’? Have you ever felt overwhelmed and like all you feel is ‘everyone else’ when you go to big venue events, even though you used to love them before? Have you ever wondered why people seem to start feeling energy so much, or differently, as we move through our expansion process? Almost like you get new layers to your sensory perception as you go?

Going beyond the simple answer of you are empathic or energy sensitive, in this little podcast, I talk about each of these experiences within the context of answering the question: Why Do We Feel So Much (More) Energy?

‘Feeling everything’ or starting to ‘feel more’ than you previously did is a sign that your soul and energy body are connecting to receive more messages about your environment and that you are able to physically experience them in your body. What you are ‘picking up’ or ‘sensing’ has to do with who you are and where you are located. A lot of the discomfort and confusion that accompany being energy sensitive and waking up different parts of the sensory system comes from not giving ourselves the opportunity to recognize just how much we really do pick up from around us and thus, do not help ourselves filter it. We get hyperstimulated and overwhelmed.

It does not have to be this way.

As our skills or our ability to ‘hear’ our environments expands, we do best with giving ourselves spaces to adjust, ground, and set our skills. In this 14-minute podcast, I talk a little bit about the technical aspects of how our energy bodies expand, what it is that we start picking up, and how we are able to tune our sensitivities to be something we actually enjoy experiencing. Once we are able to figure out that we are feeling things in astral, physical, and emotional space and that our senses are bringing us information, things start to get less confusing.

*Guess what? Becoming ‘more sensitive’ is something that happens at regular intervals when we let it. This is not just something that happens once or twice. This is what happens as we grow into our bodies and senses.*

Being energy sensitive and having expanding senses can be a lot to adjust to. The good news? Once you realize that you can train your energy body to ‘hear’ certain messages and disregard others and once you tune to a harmonic that works for you, life gets easier. This is the point where your energy senses are fun and you get to play with it.

Ready to Do Something About It?

*As I describe in detail in this podcast our auric fields are our interface to the world (and beyond). Our auric fields are a key part of managing our experiences of ‘what we tap in to’ as our common ‘vibe’ that we feel and hear each day. They are also the source of where a lot of our ‘intuitive messages’ or the things that we energetically feel get picked up through. They are the #1 source for ‘discomfort when uncared for. Sign up now and get access to information and tools that have the power to support you a) healing your auric field, b) raising your vibration so you tune into a higher harmonic and c) get you in the flow of more pure self-connection. This improves your quality of life experience: https://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/course/aura-clinic .

Why We Feel So Much (More) Energy Podcast Links

Crow Medicine: Why We Start Feeling (and Feel So Much) Energy on spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/75HqEYhKY1pCoFgCDS54Z8?si=81fd1a54dd6248f4

Crow Medicine on Apple Podcasts: Why https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/why-we-start-feeling-and-feel-so-much-energy/id1561079905?i=1000566501269

Crow Medicine On Anchor (this is a ‘free’ web player that requires no membership or login): https://anchor.fm/katie-indicrow/episodes/Why-We-Start-Feeling-and-Feel-So-Much-Energy-e1jvpbq

I also have this rolling webplayer of my recent episodes. (These will rotate so if you come to this post a few months from now and it is ‘gone’ from the player, click the anchor link or give a scroll.)

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