The Energy at School: Preparing for a Power Year

Going to school is one of the defining features of our young lives. Each year represents a lot of ‘new’: New schedules, new friends, new experiences, new teachers.  Although going to school is fun and exciting, the change in schedule and experience can be a lot to handle. So too is the sheer volume of energy that one experiences each day as they go to this special place. This would be a lot for many of us. It is *especially* the case for young people, who tend to be ‘more’ energy aware and in tune than their adult counterparts.

This podcast is a special focus of the energy at school and how to support having an excellent school year for the energy sensitive or energy aware learner in our lives.

School is a high volume energy place where the ‘goer’ in our life comes into a cacaphony of energy. In the first segment, I talk about some of the things the young person in your life might be coming into contact with at school. In the second, we focus on how to identify if they are feeling energy exhaustion or showing signs of having ‘something to process’ rumbling around in their field. In the third segment, I talk about ways that you can start supporting happy and energy balanced school life by working with simple metaphysical practices. As I say in this podcast, there is a difference between being ‘energy sensitive’ and ‘energy aware’. In the former case, we feel trapped whereas in the latter we are empowered. One of the best things about being the parents and teachers right now is that we get to support the learners in our lives in ways that perhaps we did not get it. This podcast, some future ones on the topic I will release, and my school programs are all expressed from that heart space.

Energy has a powerful impact on reality

Though it may seem unrelated, being exposed to ‘too much’ energy and not knowing how to properly filter it can lead to a host of issues ranging from migraines to lashouts to feeling sad all the time for ‘no reason’. Once we ‘pick up’ energy, unless we do something to release it, we ‘live it’ as part of our act of processing it. This can get especially confusing for energy aware and energy sensitive students and the families who love them. As we know, along with school so too can come some unexpected things like tummy aches, headaches, and surprise behaviour or state of being changes that seem to come from out of thin air.

Sound familiar?

One of the reasons I passionately step forward with this topic today is that this confusion and possible long-term energetic overwhelm can lead to real world negative impacts like family fights, feeling negative about oneself, tuning into the ‘negative’ reality stream, and physical expressions of pain that are rooted in hyper-processing. Energy sensitive people who have picked up a lot of ‘threads’ from other people during the day sometimes ‘act out the energy’ to get it away from them as part of their processing. This is a theme in the podcast. If any or all of this sound like you or someone you love, know that much of this can be can very easily fix with a few techniques and routines. #1 to it all is having a strong auric field.

The ‘how to fix’ and getting a grounded routine in place is the focus of this podcast. When we are able to recognize the factors influencing the state of being of our children (and selves), we are then able to better support them in working through whatever comes up in their lives. In the case of school, being exposed to such a high volume of energy creates the need for focused activities that support processing and release. Being energy sensitive is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it is becoming the ‘norm’. We are not weak for recognizing that we feel other people’s energy or emotions. We are not ‘less than’ because our auric fields are functioning. Rather, we just have to bring in a few little adjustments to our lifestyle and daily routines and bam – this becomes something that does not drag us down.

This is a great opportunity to cultivate a high vibrational school season!

One of the best ways that we are able to help ourselves have a powerful year is getting grounded in healthy habits that nurture our bodies, minds, and souls. Said from someone who had 26 first days of school before retiring to teach at my own, getting a good routine down and keeping steady in it is a #1 way to help yourself stay in your own lane energetically AND succeed. Do not wait for something to come up. Start now.

Even better? Make it a family thing. It sounds far-fetched to imagine. It does happen. More on that in future instalments as part of the ‘high vibe household’ series I am writing on.

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In this podcast, I mention two programs that I have that are perfect for building up the skills to have a strong auric field and a high vibe school year.

Auric Field Repair Clinic: 

The Energy at School: Tools for an Empowered School Year (Released August 19. Pre-sale on now):

Accessible pricing:  I forgot to mention it in the podcast but will here. I have implemented a school wide family in transition price program (FIT) (this also goes for single people). Type FIT20 or FIT40 to receive 20% or 40% off at the checkout for any course if you need it. I trust that people will be honourable!


October 2022 Astrology Report: Shifting the Veils Personally and Cosmically Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century

Welcome to the October 2022 Astrology Report. Our theme this month is shifting veils. With Samhain and Halloween being such celebrated holidays as well as our astrological alignments, themes of the otherworld, underworld, soul journeys, and being what happens on the 'other side' are at the top of our lips. In this report, I talk about how the astrology of October 2022 is placed to bring us on our very own special journey into and through the veils. With Mercury taking the lead on October 2 as it goes direct and taking a key role the rest of the month (and beyond), this month we have an Eclipse (on the Scorpio/Taurus axis), Pluto goes direct, Venus has a superior solar conjunction. We are at a unique place in our planetary journey. The last podcast I delivered was about the decade point since 2012. In it, I mentioned that a lot of souls were going to be waking up in a large wave, even bigger than what we experienced then. In this podcast, I talk about how the other world and the underworld are not just for the dead. Rather, many of us have parts of ourselves that are traveling to and through them. October is a month soul sparking and integration is going to be at a high potential BECAUSE of the thinning of the veils. This is an excellent time to dive deep on yourself, your questions, and also, your desires and creations. Pluto and Scorpio in combination with Saturn are bringing forth the grounding of what can be known as 'extreme' emotions. Desire is a powerful thing, as is passion. Learning to bring those into our lives through our creation is a pathway to happiness and success. Key themes discussed: All of the above plus the power of the Taurus and Scorpio nodal journey, how souls journey (and ways to recognize if yours is on the move), actualization, working with the Eclipse, what is coming up for November and December 2022 and why it is important to ground and prepare now. Do you have dreams where you are traveling through territory and wonder what those are about? Tune in. I talk about them in the second and third segment. This is very common and is a sign your soul is on the move (ideally, back to you). Key Alignments Discussed in the Podcast October 2: Mercury Direct October 5: Conjunction of Moon and Saturn October 5: Mercury at Perihelion October 8: Mercury dichotomy and Greatest West, Pluto Direct, ca of Moon and Jupiter October 9: Mercury highest altitude and Full Moon (Aries) October 12: Close Approach Moon and Uranus, Lunar Occultation of Uranus October 14: Close approach of Moon and Mars October 15: Conjunction of Moon and Mars October 22: Venus superior solar conjunction October 23:  Saturn direct, Venus enters Scorpio October 25: New Moon, partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio October 28: Jupiter goes Retrograde October 29: Mercury enters Scorpio Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection Learning Experience: Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection (book): Would you like to receive a mix of blog posts, podcast notifications, and other IndiCrow caws to your inbox? Sign up for my email list: Subscribe to My Email List – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (
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  2. Turning of the Seasons (and Decade)
  3. September Update and Special Announcement
  4. A Wave of Cosmic Love
  5. Energy Management for Busy People

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