Into September: Announcement and Update

Hello, friends! Welcome to September. A month where we finally overcome some of the most harsh energy oppositions that were built into our harmonic system. This month, there is no ‘astrology’ report proper because I am in the middle of working on components of this in ceremony. This short podcast is to say that and to explain what is happening. In it, I talk about how masculine and feminine energy within us at times has felt like an opposition within ourselves. Embracing ones’ spirituality, intuitive gifts, and feeling empowered to create a relationship with the Universe is not always something that has been ‘supported’ in reality. The legacy of witch-hunts and colonialism remained in our spectrum. This month (and last), significant chunks of what was weighting us down in relation to that are being lifted. That *wall* feeling should be less and less. It is up to you to jump over it. 

One of the things that you are going to naturally feel as we move out these suppressive and repressive parts of our energy strands is the desire to take better care of or get to know more about your soul and your intuition. As opposed to feeling ‘at war’ or as though this is not something meriting ‘attention’, more and more people are going to realize: your soul and intuition are assets. Your intuition is a valuable resource to refine. Energy people are not ‘weaklings’. Rather, they have a grip on the world that is complex and intricate. The false coding of this part of ourselves as ‘weak’, ‘feminine’ or ‘unimportant’ is being removed from the collective. I am part of that. Tune in to hear a bit of the story.

To hear me talk about the masculine and feminine energy point a bit more, click here:

Or here:


In this podcast, I also make a special announcement about my brand new book!!!!!

My new book, Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection was just released

It is also to excitedly announce that I have just released a brand-new book called “Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection”. It is available for purchase now! Click here for the announcement and to get your copy: New Book Release Announcement – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (


You are your most valuable resource. Learn how to refine and use your intuitive self-connection as a source of reliable, everyday guidance. Featuring the IndiCrow method of conscious self-connection, this book walks you through a journey of getting to know the sound of your soul and how to work with your unique talents and gifts. Learn the groundwork for healthy soul and body energy connection and how to heal yours. Build pathways for your intuitive senses to do what they are meant to, which is help you out in everyday life. Oriented with the practical reader in mind, this book and the concepts and tools for conscious self-connection that it teaches you are ones you will be able to return to for the rest of your life to go ever more into you. Each chapter represents a different pathway to self-connection to pursue!

*Special gift 20% discount code to Elemental Ascension, my favourite andara store.*

Click here to ‘buy now’:

Or here to read more about the project, why I am selling as a self-publisher, and the different ways you can access it:

This will get released as its own special post in a few days. I wanted to make mention of it now, with this update.

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