Pluto Goes Direct

Hello, friends! Today is a special day. Pluto goes direct. With it, I have launched a new phase of this project. A youtube page. It would mean a lot to me if you popped over and subscribed.

As you may have noticed, Pluto and Mercury have been active this week. On October 8 as Pluto goes direct, Mercury is at dichotomy. Their connections are initiating a review of soul promises and karmic agreements.

Have you been feeling a lot ‘come up’ this week? This is a sign you are being touched by the energy.

We are at a cosmic turnover where we are releasing and reviewing promises and contracts forged in this and all lifetimes of the last epoch. It feels intense if caught unaware. Even if you do know, it still is. We have a lot to think about.

An affirmation to work with as something you are feeling triggered by comes up: “I am releasing it, not repeating it” to stay grounded. When the promises and agreements that are inspiring and nurturing come up, recommit.

Bringing your best self is an active process. We are about to slingshot. This is a good moment to ground in your power and choose your adventure. If you had been thinking about taking steps with me as your teacher, this is a heartfelt note to encourage you to take the leap. I have a ‘special’ on my brand-new learning experience, ‘Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection’ on for 2 more days. You can access directly, here:

Or read more information about it here:

Happy Pluto Direct.

Katie IndiCrow.

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