Psychopomp Stories: How I Became a Psychopomp (pt. 1)

Welcome back to Crow Medicine. Last you heard from me, I was telling you about what it is like to be a psychopomp and regaling you with a story about closing a gate in New York. In instalment two of ‘psychopomp stories’, we go back to where it all began (in this life). For the first time ever, I tell the story of how I became a psychopomp.  As you can imagine, it has been quite the journey. 

Because it has been ‘so much’, I decided to break it down into ‘2’ parts, with this instalment covering life into 2012. This is the ‘becoming’ years. In part 2, we start talking more about the magical things.

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In part one (of two) we begin with childhood, I lead you through some of the main moments that shaped me. Born into a very loving family, I knew something was ‘different’ about me from the time I was about four. While my material reality was awesome (thanks mom and dad), my spiritual one was terrifying. Fraught with nightmares and an intense fear of vampires, when I did sleep, it was with a rosary. Funnily enough, in this story, one of the key moments that woke me up to the love of Jesus and its power was watching the movie ‘Stigmata’, during which the main character shows us that god is everywhere. From that moment on, I knew that this was part of my life message.

By the age of 15ish, I woke up to the reality of life with cancer. During that time through my 16th year, that is what was going on. September 11 was a few weeks before a major surgery. As I tell in this instalment, that occurrence changed a lot. It was obvious then that the world was in desperate need of help. My soul was able to come back through with me after a near death experience on the operating table. From that point on, I started a new process of transformation to integrate my sacred self.

By my 20s, I had found anthropology. My first real love in this world. I also was reunited with my animal companion Damien, who many of you know. Together, we went through my 20s which was actually a very fun and inspiring time in life. I was alive, I was in school pursuing my dreams. Once I realized what an energy body was and that I had an actual soul, things started moving. I spent all of those years learning about how to heal me while I worked on a phd.

Then, 2012 happened. As it so happened, December 22 found me on a plane to Ireland. My soul home. As I describe in the instalment, the moment I put my feet on the ground, I heard the heartbeat of the planet. Once that happened, my heart knew. This is it. Trained by the land of Ireland, this was really when I first started to become Katie IndiCrow.

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2 thoughts on “Psychopomp Stories: How I Became a Psychopomp (pt. 1)

  1. I love this. I think everyone knows at some point in their lives that they are a little different. However, a lot of people choose to ignore it or its taken away from us by well meaning loved ones. Ireland is on my wish list of places to be as I know I’ve had many past lives there. It’s such a magical place but also a healing place to be.


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