Beyond the Keepers: Exploring the Dark Web of Influence of Joseph Maskell

Hello, friends of Crow Medicine Media. As I told you a few months back, I was going to do some creative changes. This is an update and an invitation!

Change 1: I have started a new story-telling project called “Psychopomp Stories” where I talk about my adventures taking care of souls and planet Earth.

The Concept: 20-30 minute episodes based around an adventure story based on real life.

Would you like a taste? I made my very first ‘minidoc’ as part of this project:

You may find the first 5 episodes @ Spotify:


Esoteric Earth Channel on Apple:

To get on my mailing list for this project:

***Within the next six months, I will be transferring this Crow Medicine Media website into ‘Esoteric Earth’. For the moment, I am going to keep things quiet here. If you miss my spiritual writings or podcasts, I am still creating at Crow Medicine AND I have also started up a youtube meditation project:

I hope this update finds you well!

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