About Crow Medicine

Me, headphones in, grooving in ceremony. Crow Medicine podcasts often feature the music I play when in communion with the planets.

What is Crow Medicine?

Stories and songs inspired by life on this planet. Through the cycle of the seasons, I offer up astrologically aligned, thought provoking content oriented toward soul care, self-awareness, and growth. So far, the bulk of Crow Medicine is expressed as: Music meditations, soul journeys, astrology reports, and seasonal celebrations.

Crow Medicine is unique multi-media material designed by yours truly. The goal? Sparking your sacred to your body, your soul, and this planet. You know, the good stuff.

Crow Medicine Media represents my dedication to creating constantly evolving material to support an immersive spiritual experience.

About me

My name is Katie IndiCrow. I am an internationally known author, teacher, and spiritual practitioner.

As a person, I place a high focus on self-realization, accessible education, and expanding the spiritual narrative on soul care to include HAVING FUN. My ‘full time’ ‘job’ is taking care of the planet and harmonizing the Universe. As such, I spend my life in sacred focus. Sounds very serious, and sometimes it is. It is also rewarding, awe inspiring, exhilarating, and highly technical. Many of the stories that get shared as part of Crow Medicine are derived from these adventures. ***Check out my socials to see little snippets of the forests and cities I am hanging out in and the songs that are being heard! They are linked below.***

I have a strong belief that spirituality and self-development is for EVERYBODY. As such, I work to deliver inclusive and high impact creative projects and open access education. While this used to be on social media platforms like youtube and facebook where many thousands of you came to find me, it is now all exclusively here, my school, and on my sister site ‘Crow Medicine’ and podcast platforms Anchor, Spotify, and Apple. In this sense, Crow Medicine Media, podcasting, and everything about this page represents an entirely new phase of my creations.

The Birth of Crow Medicine

Born smack dab in the middle of the Global Pandemic, Crow Medicine was my way of bringing fun to my community. Being locked in our houses and communities, we needed dancing and a safe space to hear ourselves and the connection of the planet. Answering that call, I earnestly began a little music chat hour called Crow Medicine Music podcast. Though I had always employed music in my teaching, I had never really put it ‘front focus’, despite it being the driving force in my life. Crow Medicine music journeys and the music meditations are, in many ways, the most intimate sharing I could do. I hear and experience the Universe through the very music that comes to be featured, here.

As it turned out, I love podcasting. So much so that I quickly decided to get off of youtube and to put my creative energy into this format. I began the Crow Medicine self-discovery content in June 2021 and then moved into Astrology reports in December 2021. Late May 2022, we added the Crow Medicine Music Meditations to the docket. Admittedly, the earlier installments are a bit ‘rough’. This is creating :). I work to improve my sound, production quality, and vision with every installment. (If you are a bit of a ‘perfectionist’ when it comes to listening, start at the ‘most recent’ as opposed to the bottom of the list.)

The name ‘Crow Medicine’ specifically refers to an animal, Crow, that I have a close and long-standing sacred relationship with. Those who have been in the span of my energy know how we operate as one. Crows and Katie go hand in hand.

What You Find Here

I am a spiritual teacher who also is a trained and practiced social anthropologist. Other things I have been that show up here include: cancer survivor, (semi-retired) raver, sober liver, mountain lover, small town girl turned big city liver, planetary caretaker, astrology lover, and lover of planet Earth.

I fuse my institutional and academic knowledge with the soul perspective to deliver thought provoking voice-based podcasts, writing, and educational programming.

The four main forms of programming on this page are:

Crow Medicine Music Journeys, Crow Medicine Astrology Reports, and Crow Medicine Personal Development podcasts. New this season are Crow Medicine Music Meditations. Click here to access quick links to my most recent: https://crowmedicinemedia.com/. Click here for the full broadcasts list: https://crowmedicinemedia.com/blog/

Visit My School

I run a school called IndiCrow Academy. If you would like to make a big leap this season, come study with me.

Top program recommendations are:

‘Breathe, Ground, Connect’ https://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/course/breathe

Soul Compass: Hearing and Healing the Soul and Body Connection: https://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/course/soul-compass

Main page: https://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/

Find me on Socials

Although I ‘have’ a well-established career as a writer and teacher, everything about this part of my existence is ‘new’. I would love to meet and make friends with some of you I have a new Instagram page I am working on building up. Would love some love there Crow Medicine Media (@crowmedicinekatie) • Instagram photos and videos and as @katieindicrow. See you there (I hope). Or here. That also works.


Crow Medicine Media represents my next phase of creation: Bringing Soul Care and a Celebration of the Sacred Nature of our Planet to the mainstream through playful podcast and story telling productions!

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