About Crow Medicine

This is me inside of the Lincoln Memorial for the first time. Wind-blown hair and big grin.

What is Crow Medicine?

Stories and songs inspired by the simple sacredness of life on this planet. It is soul care, self-awareness, growth, and truth. Crow Medicine is unique multi-media events and programming.

Most importantly, Crow Medicine Media represents my dedication to creating constantly evolving material to support an immersive spiritual experience.

Born smack dab in the middle of the Global Pandemic, Crow Medicine was my way of bringing fun to my community. Being locked in our houses and communities, we needed dancing and a safe space to hear ourselves and the connection of the planet. Answering that call, I earnestly began a little music chat hour called Crow Medicine Music podcast.

Since then, “Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century” has gained almost 3,000 plays! It was so successful that I chose to expand into voice-based podcasts! My monthly Astrology report is quickly gaining fans.

Maintaining my long-standing commitment that spirituality and self-development is for EVERYBODY, I work to deliver inclusive and high impact creative projects and open access education. While this used to be on social media platforms like youtube and facebook where many thousands of you came to find me, it is now all exclusively here and on my sister site. I will be here, outside of the information wars and algorithms, holding my information and teachings in integrity. (Would you like to contribute a donation to supporting the hosting and housing of this programming? I would gratefully receive gifts of thanks to paypal. Make sure to mark ‘gift of thanks’ in the subject heading” https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/katieindicrow

The name ‘Crow Medicine’ specifically refers to an animal, Crow, that I have a close and long-standing sacred relationship with. Those who have been in the span of my energy know how we operate as one. Stick around to hear more. Parts of the story come about every once in a while.

About me

My name is Katie IndiCrow. I am an internationally known author, teacher, and spiritual practitioner. I am also a trained and practiced social anthropologist with many years of formal research experience. I fuse my institutional and academic knowledge with the soul perspective to deliver thought provoking voice-based podcasts, writing, and educational programming. Other things I have been that show up here include: cancer survivor, (semi-retired) raver, sober liver, mountain lover, small town girl turned big city liver, planetary caretaker, astrology lover, and lover of planet Earth. Through all of these experiences I have learned so many lessons that I realize are powerful teachings. This page represents a new wing of my public education outreach programs. It is a baby still so please be kind.

As a person, I place a high focus on self-realization, accessible education, and expanding the spiritual narrative on soul care to include HAVING FUN. My ‘full time’ ‘job’ is taking care of the planet and harmonizing the Universe. As such, I spend my life answering the call of the planet. Many of the stories that will get shared as part of Crow Medicine are derived from these adventures.

Visit My School

I run a school called IndiCrow Academy. I mention it frequently in the broadcasts. Click here to visit: https://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/

Crow Medicine Media represents my next phase of creation: Bringing Soul Care and a Celebration of the Sacred Nature of our Planet to the mainstream through playful podcast and story telling productions!

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