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What is Crow Medicine?

Stories and songs inspired by the simple sacredness of life on this planet.

Soul Care.

Self Awareness.


Unique multi-media events and programming.

Constantly evolving material to support an immersive spiritual experience.

Creative energy alignment.

About me

My name is Katie IndiCrow. I am an internationally known author, teacher, and spiritual practitioner who places a high focus on: Self realization; accessible education; and expanding the spiritual narrative on soul care to include HAVING FUN. I spend my life answering the call of the planet, traveling to sacred sites far and wide, and helping tune them. It is pretty excellent to be personally summoned by earth power spots like: The Rocky Mountains, Bermuda Triangle, a series of caves in Southern France, the canals in Amsterdam, and the often ignored ceremonial complex that has left behind rich archaeological remains throughout North America. (We broadcast live from some of them. Check out our June 2021 content!)

Many of the stories that get shared as part of Crow Medicine are derived from these adventures.

In my first eight years of publications, I was creating exclusively under the house ‘IndiCrow Energetics’. (This is the home of my ongoing esoteric activities, library and writings: www.indicrowenergetics.com.) I developed a highly effective methodology of soul healing called the ‘soul-compass method’. The concept is: Developing the sacred relationship with our unique soul essence and learning how to hear it is the #1 tool for spiritual health and well-being on this planet. Click here to access your copy of my brand new self-study publication on the Soul Compass method. This book will change the world: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/soul-compass-1

Crow Medicine Media represents my next phase of creation: Bringing Soul Care and a Celebration of the Sacred Nature of our Planet to the mainstream!

New epoch, new projects! Crow Medicine Media and the Crow Medicine podcast and production concept represents the next phase of my development. This includes more books, public focused intent/live music events, and lots of thought provoking podcasts. The world is ready to hear about soul in ways that are fresh new and clear.

Kaw-kaw, friends.

#CrowMedicine is here.

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