Beyond the Keepers: Exploring the Dark Web of Influence of Joseph Maskell

Hello, friends of Crow Medicine Media. As I told you a few months back, I was going to do some creative changes. This is an update and an invitation! Change 1: I have started a new story-telling project called “Psychopomp Stories” where I talk about my adventures taking care of souls and planet Earth. TheContinue reading “Beyond the Keepers: Exploring the Dark Web of Influence of Joseph Maskell”

This page is on hiatus. Please visit me at my main website

Hello, friends and anyone who comes to visit this page. This is a note to say that I am in the process of reorganizing myself digitally. As part of doing that, I am taking a little hiatus from posting on this blog. The good news is that I am still creating. If you would likeContinue reading “This page is on hiatus. Please visit me at my main website”

November 2022 Astrology Report

November kicks off with a bang. Right now through November 8th, we are in the thick of it. The precise window is this two-week gap between solar eclipse in Scorpio (October 25) to the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus (November 8) that just so happens to coincide with a close approach and lunar occultation of UranusContinue reading “November 2022 Astrology Report”

Psychopomp Stories: How I Became a Psychopomp (pt. 1)

Welcome back to Crow Medicine. Last you heard from me, I was telling you about what it is like to be a psychopomp and regaling you with a story about closing a gate in New York. In instalment two of ‘psychopomp stories’, we go back to where it all began (in this life). For theContinue reading “Psychopomp Stories: How I Became a Psychopomp (pt. 1)”

Blog Being Remodeled over the Next Few Months

Hello, friends. This is a little note to say that I am about to give this blog a bit of a face-lift. When I began Crow Medicine Media, the podcast, and this blog it was something I decided to do for fun. As part of the creative process, I have tried out different topics andContinue reading “Blog Being Remodeled over the Next Few Months”

Psychopomp Stories: Closing a Gate to Hell in New York

Ever go to “Devil’s Hole” State park? Me, too. Were you aware of the myth of the spirit and battle of Pontiac associated with that place? Energetically, they were interconnected and created a low polarity point. What happened there was active until I went there to fix it.  Format: In this podcast, I lay outContinue reading “Psychopomp Stories: Closing a Gate to Hell in New York”

Crystal Meditation: How to Hear Your Crystals

Crystals are amazing. They help us raise (and balance) our vibration, protect us from unwanted energy, aid us in developing a skill or characteristic, or in getting to know a part of the planet. One of the best parts of getting to know crystals is getting to form a friendship with them. With a littleContinue reading “Crystal Meditation: How to Hear Your Crystals”

October 2022 Astrology Report: Shifting the Veils

Welcome to the October 2022 Astrology Report. As a spooky girl, I love me some October action. Our theme this month is, appropriately, shifting veils. With Samhain and Halloween being such celebrated holidays as well as our astrological alignments, themes of the otherworld, underworld, soul journeys, and being what happens on the ‘other side’ areContinue reading “October 2022 Astrology Report: Shifting the Veils”

Into September: Announcement and Update

Hello, friends! Welcome to September. A month where we finally overcome some of the most harsh energy oppositions that were built into our harmonic system. This month, there is no ‘astrology’ report proper because I am in the middle of working on components of this in ceremony. This short podcast is to say that andContinue reading “Into September: Announcement and Update”