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Pluto Power: 2022

Pluto is a planet that we do not often hear a lot about. This is not going to be the case for 2022. As of its solstice conjunction with Venus and solidified with the nodal switch of South into Scorpio as of January 18, we are into a blissful (or terrible) year cycle that willContinue reading “Pluto Power: 2022”

Happy 2022!

Friends of Crow Medicine Media. We have just crossed the threshold into a new calendar year. As of the 28, you likely started feeling the Harmonics of the planet start to change. Things ‘feel’ different. I chose the heading image because it summarizes the feeling. Enjoy it! I am in the midst of a partContinue reading “Happy 2022!”

Harmonization Meditation with Venus

Friends of the blog, I present my solstice and holiday creation for you. A beautiful harmonization process bringing you into direct connection with the Universal Love Sparker that is Venus. Tune in for four and a half minutes of breathing, soothing music, and powerful images from Venus. You deserve it.

Exploring Our Unseen Contributions with Venus (Music + sound journey)

Venus. Universal soul sparker. Planet of love. Though often pigeon-holed in a disarming sense, Venus is also about efficiency, finances, the household, speaking up for our emotional needs, and pragmatism. Venus is about getting things done and doing it well. In order to do that in their own lives, many are realizing there will needContinue reading “Exploring Our Unseen Contributions with Venus (Music + sound journey)”

December Astrology Report: Depths and Rebirth

Gathering the Astrology Nerds: This is Our December 2021 Astrology Report (video and audio available in several formats and platforms) The theme: Depths and Rebirth (this is a good thing) Hello, friends! Welcome to a powerful astrological month that includes diverse and unique alignments including: 2 pairs of conjunctions that bring Pluto, Venus, and MercuryContinue reading “December Astrology Report: Depths and Rebirth”

2 Crow Medicines Editing

Hey, friends. “Messages of Love from the Planet” and “Initiation” are down for editing. They will be back later this week. You will notice me starting to release some of my test content from the beginning days of recording and posting here, back in March. Much of what I was doing over these past fewContinue reading “2 Crow Medicines Editing”


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