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“Soul Compass: Hearing Your Unique Soul Essence as a Source of Sacred Guidance” is AVAILABLE NOW!! Please note that although this is a BOOK its primary form of engagement is as a learning program, with SOUL COMPASS serving as your text book.

Description: A 3 phase learning program that teaches you the essentials of hearing, healing, and caring for your soul. This program is designed for EVERY person with the idea that honing in on our soul as a unique source of guidance creates a stable, safe space from which we get to explore the world.

What is special and unique about this program?

Soul Compass is based entirely on the unique form of energy alignment and connection I designed and created as part of my sacred contribution to this Universe. I have taught this in more lifetimes than this one, in the astrals, and for many thousands of people around the world in this one.

Experiential learning designed to bring the focus to you: The material for Soul Compass is based in a beautifully written text book format that comes with examples, exercises, and weekly reading/alignment suggestions. All the while written in a calm, communicative form that is all about getting you comfortable with the concept of hearing, healing, and developing the unique psychic senses that are YOU.

Length: 214 pages book form, 60 pages workbook form. This program is currently being delivered as a COURSE that is available at IndiCrow Academy. Registration: $222 until July 10 at which point it returns to its original ask, $333 usd. This is a 3 month, 3 phase learning program that you take at your own pace. See ‘training’ tab for more information.

Soul Compass: Table of Contents

The Program

Program Welcome and Introduction

Program Summary

Learning the Soul Compass Method

Tools for Learning

Phase 1: Entering into Sacred Communication with Our Soul

Unified Soul, Who Dis?

Soul is a Spark of Creation

The Personality of Our Souls

Soul Communication Exercise (pt.1 : Getting to know the Sound of Your Soul)

Soul Aligning Exercise: Flaming the Spark: Finding and Caring For Your Soul Spark

On Healing Soul Wounds

Healing Soul Fragments and Core Wounds

Phase 2: Hearing our Bodies Talk and Healing the Soul/Body Relationship

Our Physical Body is a Sacred Vessel

Soul Communication Exercise: Discovering the Syntax of Your Body

Building a Healthy Energy Body

Creating a Nurturing and Nourishing Soul/Body Healing Experience

Creating a Clear Path for Soul Energy

Exercise: Building an Energy Column for Pure Soul Communication and Flow

Phase 3: You are the Master of Your Experience

Tools for Embodiment in Day-to-Day Life

Developing a Regular Self-Care, Self-Communication Routine (that works for YOU)

Daily Affirmations to Bring Into Personal Practice

Doing Intuitive Research

Hearing and Trusting our Intuitive Guidance


Epilogue and Continued Learning

Ready to engage on this life changing journey? Email me at We are live on our new platform on June 18. I would love to have you be some of the first people to study with me there!

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