Pluto Power: 2022

Pluto is a planet that we do not often hear a lot about. This is not going to be the case for 2022. As of its solstice conjunction with Venus and solidified with the nodal switch of South into Scorpio as of January 18, we are into a blissful (or terrible) year cycle that willContinue reading “Pluto Power: 2022”

Harmonization Meditation with Venus

Friends of the blog, I present my solstice and holiday creation for you. A beautiful harmonization process bringing you into direct connection with the Universal Love Sparker that is Venus. Tune in for four and a half minutes of breathing, soothing music, and powerful images from Venus. You deserve it.

Deep Dive with Venus: Exploring Our Relations

Hello, friends of Crow Medicine Media! This is a little note to those of you who are podcast and media production fans to say hi and to invite you to read a powerful article (or two) that I have written since you have last heard from me. There are moments when I go into deepContinue reading “Deep Dive with Venus: Exploring Our Relations”

Thank-You Black Friday ‘Sale’

Friends of Crow Medicine Media. You have been here, supporting me, ever since I started this new arm of my creations. I truly appreciate that. As thank you for being here for me, I am saying thank you right back with a BLACK FRIDAY SALE. This is the first time I have ever done somethingContinue reading “Thank-You Black Friday ‘Sale’”

Sound, Image, and Ceremony

Hey, friends of Crow Medicine Media. I talk a lot about ceremony and share the songs I work with doing it. Here is a little reel that brings sound, image, and ceremony from my day yesterday, to you. It features a powerful video recorded just for you. I am working on building up this profile.Continue reading “Sound, Image, and Ceremony”

2 Crow Medicines Editing

Hey, friends. “Messages of Love from the Planet” and “Initiation” are down for editing. They will be back later this week. You will notice me starting to release some of my test content from the beginning days of recording and posting here, back in March. Much of what I was doing over these past fewContinue reading “2 Crow Medicines Editing”

Crow Medicine: Soul Journey through Sound (for FUN)

Hello, friends! Welcome back for some more Crow Medicine. This instalment of Crow Medicine is a playful journey through sound and song that takes us from our bedroom to space to lava and back again here to the good life on planet earth. In this adventure, I move us through house, hip hop, pop andContinue reading “Crow Medicine: Soul Journey through Sound (for FUN)”

Endings and Preparing to Begin (Again)

Life brings with it new opportunities. So too, come the endings. If you sit back in observer mode, we see that it is often if not always a mix of both. The span from June Solstice to September Equinox has been particularly salient as a ‘review’ phase, where everything we are doing (or have done) came up for evaluation. We asked ourselves: Is this working? Is this what I really want? Old ideas got new power and things we always dreamed of happened. There was also a lot of clearing out of very old patterns. While it was (is) all going on, I know it has felt heavy. Through it all, the choice to choose joy and peace has always been there. So too have those new opportunities.

As we wind our way into Equinox, we begin in earnest to call in our ‘what is next’.

Crow Medicine Music-photo Infused Instagram and Updates

Hello,  friends of Crow Medicine Media. How are we doing with this powerful season of growth I last created for us about? This post is to let you know that I am creating some unique music and sound Infused Instagram Updates on my new page, #crowmedicinekatie. Fusing images from my sacred journeys, the sounds thatContinue reading “Crow Medicine Music-photo Infused Instagram and Updates”