My Method

I have been in study of what gets labeled spiritual and esoteric material for as long as I can remember. *Cue image of little Katie renting the Nostradamus prophecies from the library.* This has always been a part of who I am and how I understand the world. Teaching wise, I have been providing private and public access spiritual and energy mechanics teaching since 2014. Before that (and for some periods of overlap) I was employed as a university lecturer, phd candidate (in the dissertation phase), and private researcher. You see and feel my background as a professional anthropologist in my work!

How did a researcher get into energy?

Ever the nerd, as I grew up in the world, I could not help but noticing that I was just not getting the results from my spiritual practice that I ‘should’ have been. I was meditating every day, I had become a reiki master and was doing it on myself often, I was living a healthy lifestyle and yet. I felt like crap. Going inward, I asked myself, “Katie, Why is this happening?”

I heard the answer very clearly. It was that,

“Katie. You know how to do this and have studied this in lives before. Figure it out.”

All that you read, hear, and see on this page is a result of that creative energy expression and expansion. This website, my courses, and my ongoing creative engagements are part of my sacred offering to this planet.

What Came Before Crow Medicine

Phase 1:

Background: .

In phase 1, I was community momma to a number of planetary ceremonial efforts including the ‘Global Tree Lighting Project’ and ‘Love Wave’ which included thousands of people and spanned the planet. As part of this phase, I hosted many learning events, recorded 700 blog posts, 200 youtube videos, taught more classes than I counted and engaged with thousands of you! (That creative phase wrapped up December 2021. After that I got married, took a creative hiatus and got my new vision ready.) A lot of what I now podcast here was once delivered this way! Often live.

As part of this, I opened a school called IndiCrow Academy (see above for notes on our relocation). I also published exclusively through a blog called IndiCrow Energetics (which still exists on FB). As I note on those sites, much of the older work is being ‘phased out’ to make way for fresh, new content. My brand new phase 2 blog home is LIVE as of June, 2021. It is beautiful and ready for you. Head to and check it out! New phases of programming will be released for January 2022! Stay tuned.


Phase 2: Crow Medicine

New Epoch, New Directions

Crow Medicine Media represents my second major phase of publishing. The digital creations hosted here are all about healing our souls, hearing our connection to body and planet, and enjoying our experiences on this journey we call life. All content is original and derived from my life of practice. Crow Medicine Media is one of two websites designed to house my various multi-media creations. What is specific about Crow Medicine Media is that it acts as the hub for digital story-telling, music oriented podcasting, announcements for talk programs, events, and other multimedia access or training. Crow Medicine has a lifestyle angle and a lot more in image and writing.

Major themes here at Crow Medicine Media are: Self-knowing, discovering our intuitive senses, healing our bodies, and getting to know this planet playfully whilst giving honour and thanks to our home. All content is based on the methods of meditation, harmonization, soul healing, and intuitive sensory development that serves as the basis of the IndiCrow method. Though based in ‘new’ contexts and language like listening to a podcast at the park and ‘setting a vibe’, the tools and guidance offered here are sacred spiritual practices. They are safe. They are practical. They are fun. Spirituality in the 21st century is not stuffy.

Find me on Instagram: @crowmedicinekatie is my new instagram handle! Check it out for fun updates including sound, video, and pictures. I place em regularly in the ‘stories’! Many of you follow me on my personal profile, @katieindicrow. This is a distinct and ‘new’ account. Check it out!

Moving Forward Together In Peace

Thank you for finding me here.



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